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There is some evidence that the Mayans studied the alignment of the Galactic Center in their astronomical work.

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Hunab Ku was, to the Mayas, the supreme God and ultimate Creator. It represented the gateway to other Galaxies beyond our Sun as well as all of the Consciousness that has ever existed in this Galaxy. Pluto rules change and transformation, and the death of that which is no longer needed.

Galactic Center Higher Consciousness

This insight craves implementation. This infrared information reveals how to let go of what is in the way to make a clear path for the next step. As soon as an idea is grasped and brought forward, the path of accessing new information refreshes. At all times, new and newer insights spew forth. This further complicates non-commital energies.

The Galactic Center (26 Sagittarius)

Being indecisive can be a deal breaker. Mark those dates down on your calendar.

The Heavy change up planet karmic Saturn and soul searching Pluto are conjunct in earthy Capricorn weighing us all dawn and making us feel exhausted. This is a sink or swim time.

Thoughts on the Galactic Center

I believe Juno is the Feminine form of Genius. Her symbol looks like a magic wand. She symbolizes the need to tap into our deep primordial oceanic memories to sustain and guide ourselves. Lilith and Ceres are in a tighter longer square.

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Female rage over patriarchy is reaching its peak as we see the rape of Mother Earth is equal to the rapes and sex trafficking of innocent women and children worldwide. Ceres in Sagittarius wants justice. Money, values and what you are dedicated to or focussed on especially in money earned is radically changing in your life. The ground is literally quaking beneath our feet.

Ceres in Sagittarius is nurturing you to follow your highest truth, bring justice for the earth and invest in saving the environment. This is a very powerful Full Moon special and rare Full Moon alignment The potential is here to download big expansive galactic insights. I will be doing so. Please share your insights or questions with me. The sign Sagittarius has been long connected to the idea of truth and God or religion. Perhaps here is factual confirmation of what we have long known through our intuitive resources: that the direction of Sagittarius and Capricorn is indeed somehow connected with truth or Center.

The Sun protects most of the planets in our system with a kind of aura called the Solar Wind, that effectively pushes back particles such as cosmic rays coming from "outer space" or the center of the galaxy. It is scientific fact that at the low points in the sunspot cycle when the sun has the weakest aura, cosmic rays penetrate toward the center of the solar system and to the earth at a significantly higher rate than at the peak of sunspot activity when the solar wind pushes these particles back.

During sunspot lows, perhaps the seed or Cosmic Message will impregnate us. Many of the most startling discoveries in modern astrophysical research such as pulsars, black holes etc. The Metagalaxy Our Milky Way Galaxy is a member of a yet larger structure containing many tens of thousands of galaxies that cluster together to form a large, rotating, flattened, disc-shaped meta- or Super Galaxy. In the illustration, a section of the Zodiac through Virgo and early Libra is shown, where the Super Galactic Plane intersects the Zodiac and some attempt has been made to present the mass of external galaxies in this region, although in fact, there are literally ten of thousands in this area.

The greatest concentration of galaxies increases through the sign Virgo, reaching the Super Galactic Center at about 0 Libra, crossing the Ecliptic in the middle of Libra, after which there is a gradual decrease in concentration. We shall now present one of the most fascinating aspects of the study of cosmic structure that this author has encountered: the center of the Super Galaxy at 1 deg.


Applied Astrology: The Galactic Center Conjunct Sun in Synastry, Plus Vertex, Juno, and Venus

Libra is almost exactly at a 90 degree angle from the center of the Galaxy at 26 deg Sagittarius. Furthermore, the equatorial planes of the Galaxy and the Super Galaxy are inclined to each other by an angle of about 84 degrees, again, almost a right angle!

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As previously mentioned, the Galaxy is inclined to the Earth's orbit, the Ecliptic or Zodiac by a sextile, and to the Super Galaxy by a septile, and to each other by a square!